The week from the 17th to the 24th of March (The German students come to Spain) by Rachel

I have to say it was tough at first because I am not used to sleep with someone near me, except from my sister or some friend but always for less than a week. It was a very exhausting week, we did a lot of things and we had so much fun, even when the situation was a little bit awkward because we didn't knew each other very well, even between us (the galician students). On the first day I had to take Maike to a chemistry lesson in the afternoon but we skipped the second one and we went with other exchange students to Castrelos and later Maike came training with me. On the second day we went to the Cíes Islands and we even got into the water, we ended very tired of walking. On the third day some of us met to go to the shops street at the city centre and to the old part of the city, then Maike and I went training. On the fourth day most of us went eating together to the mall and then went to the Castro. There we took a lot of pictures and we were listeni

The week from the 11th to the 18th of May (The Spanish students go to Germany) by Raquel

It was a long way to Germany but I love travelling by plane, bus or whatever as long as I can listen to some music or I am sitting next to someone I can talk to. The first night was a tough one and I slept very little and we went to the port on the first day. The second day was very exhausting because It was the first day most of us faced the challenge of going to school by bike, which we weren't really used to. After that we went in groups from the school to the city and did some challenges, it was very funny because half of us didn't go out of the boat at the stop we had to, so some groups had to split up. Later that day some of us went to Linnea's house because it was Roi's birthday. On the third and fourth day we did some arts and crafts, on the fifth day we went shopping and went to the miniature museum. On the sixth day the Spanish students went to a trip to Lubek while the German students were in class, in the afternoon we had a barbecue

Experiences by Gabriel

Erasmus +  This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve met wonderful people and I had a great time.Thanks to Erasmus + I have known one of the most beautiful cities in which I have been,Hamburg. living with the pupils I liked quite as well as being part of their life. No doubt it is an experience that I would repeat and that I recommend to everyone. My partner, Tino, has been a great friend, and we’ve had some very good times. In my memory will always be moments of laughter, music and smiles. Walking through Vigo showing the city to the Germans has been curious, because you are teaching them something that for you is more than familiar. Also walking through Hamburg discovering new places has been very entertaining. Of the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  ¡Viva Vigo!  ¡Lebender Hamburg! Erasmus + I certainly enjoyed going to Hamburg more than when they came. I suppose it must be in another country, although I have enjoyed very much the two weeks

Experiences by Mario

ARTISTIC EXCHANGE: During our magnificent stay in Germany, specifically, Hamburg, we attended several arts classes in which we exchanged knowledge, techniques, skills and a long list of very interesting factors. In these classes we carry out drawing work, such as drawing the Elba philharmonic or drawing characteristic elements that we have seen in the port of your city, calligraphy works, such as writing in different ways different titles, very plastic works, such as the representation of the port of Hamburg with pins and threads, photographic works, dye tiedye style t-shirts ... My favorite activity was the drawing of the Elba philharmonic, since we had to use a drawing technique that I had never used before and that, after carrying out that small project, I considered using it again in the future, and also the photographic part of the general project, since it is a world that I liked and in my group we came up with truly original and cool things. Another part that I liked ab

Experiences by Naim

Hello everyone! Hola! Hallo! I´m Niam and I´m quite bad writing especially if I have to use English :P so I´ll try to do my best, I´ll write a story. I hold my pen and I start writing this new text. We were waiting for the Germans at the airport and I have to admit that at the beginning I was a little bit afraid. I never had seen my exchange student before and I knew very little about her, we had talked a little bit through WhattsApp but we hadn´t seen each other. The Germans students arrived and I was so scared, who could be my exchange student?  Suddenly, I saw her, a sweet girl was in front of me, she had a white skin, as white as the snow, and a long blonde hair. She also had some fun freckles covering her face. I could see in her face that she was nervous and suddenly I knew it, she was my partner, she looked as confused as me. I introduced her to my parents and we went home but before that we stopped to have some dinner. During the dinner we were talking a little bit a

What being part of the Erasmus + program means to me by Adam

I loved being part of this program. It is a great experience that can teach you a lot of things.  I think it gives you self confidence because you have to communicate with other people in a foreign language, and that’s great because you notice that you’re able to do it and you find common interests with a lot of different people. In my case, I even met people of my own high school that I’ve never talked to before. It was completely worth it. You visit a new place, with different customs and different food, you meet people… Of course you can do the same by traveling by yourself, but if you do it with that program you can do it with your school friends and establish a link with your exchange student. It was an amazing experience for me and I would like to participate again if I have the opportunity.

My experience as being an exchange student and having one at home by Adam

                  In March, during a whole week, I hosted a German exchange student so we could practise our English and meet different places by traveling. I’m going to talk about the good things we got from that. I think the most important one is language. My German student was able to speak a bit of Spanish, but we talked in English anyway. That helped me improve my English, because in class we just read or write, but we never get to have a real conversation with someone before. We tried to know a little about each other, so I had to look some vocabulary up. During dinners, we talked about the differences between our cultures, for example, the celebrations of our countries, the most typical foods, our schedules for waking up, going to bed and eat… It is surprising how countries that are that close (they even have the same time zone) were so different in some things. For example, Germans are used to get up early and go to bed early, but Spanish both things later.