First impressions on German food

Currywurst (sausage with curry)
We were in Hamburg in "The Europapassage". "The Europapassage" is a big mall where many shops are. Especially there is a floor called "Food Sky", where a lot of restaurants are located. The German students showed us the "Curry Wurst". The "Curry Wurst" is traditional food from Hamburg and tastes extremely good. Before we ate it, we thought it would not fit with each other. After trying it, it was surprisingly tasteful.

Schokostreusel (chocolate sprinkles)
Even saying to put chocolate sprinkles on a bun sounds weird, trying it, sounds even worse.The Spanish exchange students refused to eat it. Then there was a victim called Leana. She was courageous enough to try it. Her face said everything! It was delicious.

Schwarzbrot (black bread)
The healthy option for normal bread is black bread. The Germans call it regular bread. It has a lot of proteins and a sticky texture. It tastes how it sounds: boring.


A sunny day in Hamburg Downtown :-D

Hi! We´re Alexandra, Annika, Julia and Natalia. On monday we spent a lovely day in the City Center of Hamburg. First we all went to the International Maritime Museum of Hamburg which was really interesting! We learned a lot of facts about the history of the harbour. After that we walked to the Underground Station "Überseequartier" which is near the museum in the Hafencity. We had lunch at a burger Restaurant named "Jim Block" next to the Gänsemarkt. Everyone ate a huge burger and it was sooo delicious. In the afternoon we were relaxing next to the river Alster and had a Virgin Colada. Afterwords we took a lot of nice pictures in front of the council in the evening light. We went by train to "St.Pauli" and had a short view at the Dom which is an amusemant park in Hamburg. Sadly it first opens on friday the 23rd March. :(
Because of that we just walked along the famous street Reeperbahn and saw a outdoor stage where for example the announcement of Germany&#…

Weekend activities

The Rollercoaster

The Rollercoaster is a restaurant in the south of Hamburg, southern of the Elbe. The really good and exquisite food comes to your table by rail, after you ordered by tablet. Sometimes even with a sparkler. We went there with 10 persons. Exept from another branch in Dresden, this restaurant is unique.

The "Schokofondue"

On sunday afternoon, we went to Pauline's to eat the so-called "Schokofontäne". It's a fondue of melted chocolate in form of a fountain, where you dip fruit in. It exploded twice.
That was the second time. The first time, we took the tablecloth away, expecting it not to happen again, but...

The "Tropenaquarium"

Monday, we were at the "Hagenbeck's Tropenaquarium". It's part of the zoo here in Hamburg. 

Satuday 17/3/18

In the morning we woke up at 09:00 AM and we went to see a football match with Sebastian and Ana.

After  that we took the train to Hamburg. Once there we went to the Europa Passage mall where we ate some pizza and visited some shops.

After that we went on a tour through the City Center, and we finally stopped at Starbucks for a coffee before going home.

While we were waiting for the train we decided to go to watch a Performance that was taking place  school's theatre that evening. It's title was BLIND.

After that, to end the day we returned home, tired but happy.


We have had many bad experiences with bikes and stoplights, they are horrible!! The first time we crossed the street the green light turned red in a few seconds, we thought we were going to die because of the cars.  And then, the bikes slow down going backwards so we crashed with a car in the middle of the street because of  the lack of knowledge. Really funny to see but not to experience.

German chocolate and candy tasting.

On Monday, we tried some different kinds of chocolates and German candy. We went to "Edeka", a German supermarket, to buy them. Tara showed me all the kinds of candy that she likes and are not available in Spain. She told me that her favourite one works as if it was some kind of "drug": the first time it's good, but it doesn't make you addicted. However, the second time you try it, nobody can stop you from eating it all up. Tara was right.

Both of us are vegetarian, and it turns out that Germany is "The Vegetarian Paradise" for gummy bear lovers. We had already tried the ones that Tara's parents gave us the previous night, so we bought a different kind. Just after that, we went home and had a nice talk while we were eating all the candy. We did not even realise that we were almost finishing them all; then, Tara's mum called us for dinner, and we were already full (of candy :)).

One of Tara's favourite candy is "Knusperflocken"…

Cultural differences

Through the exchange we noticed a lot of cultural differences between German and Spanish people in general:

Germans (Spanish view):
Wake up early in the morning.The school starts earlier than in Spain and they have more lessons.They are always in a hurry, for example they eat and walk very fast.They eat a lot and they don´t have timetables to eat.They don´t have to show their tickets on the public transport.They have to pay for extra sauces.It seems like they talk in an agressive way.They don´t wear their shoes when they are at home.
Spanish (German view):
The relationship with their teacher is closer.They clap when they are laughing. They study the night before an exam.They go to bed late.It takes them more time to eat and walk.They eat less and for breakfast they only have a coffee or cookies.  The conclusion we draw of this experience is that even though there are some differences we had a lot of fun and we got along very well. We all enjoyed our time together and will miss each other.